Oct 2018 - Important HemHouse Announcement!

To all friends and family of Tammy Williamson and HemHouse:

With positive feelings, I’ve decided that HemHouse has almost reached the age of “retirement”. She has served her purpose of helping me through a difficult time, and with much deliberation, I’ve decided to close up shop as of December 31st, 2018.

I feel as if I’ve really accomplished something by growing my tiny hobby into a healthy home-based business; something to be proud of. 

At this time, most of the HemHouse social media accounts have been either closed or repurposed for personal use, but until Dec 31st, you’ll be able to reach me through Facebook or Etsy. This site will be shut down within the coming weeks, and prices in my Etsy shop will be adjusted accordingly with intent on selling my remaining stock. Gradually, some of my equipment and materials will be available for purchase and these will also be posted through Facebook and Etsy.

A brief history of HemHouse:

3 years, 7 moves, over 200 individual sales through a variety of means, 8 craft shows and 1 natural disaster!

HemHouse has made its presence known through Etsy, Best for Bride, Facebook, www.HemHouse.ca, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, Wedding Rescue, Wedding Wire, NOT TO MENTION sales to 4 different countries (including 20 US states and 7 Canadian provinces) ALL while maintaining a 5 Star rating across the board.

I SINCERELY appreciate all of the support, referrals, advice and assistance over these last few years. Thank you, thank you, to all.

Yours truly, 

Tammy Williamson

What is HemHouse?

HemHouse is an online-based business, located in Northern Ontario, Canada!

HemHouse specializes in unique wedding garters and garter sets. Each of our garters are handmade using high quality satin & lace  - from bridal to lingerie and everything in between, we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and beautiful products.

Short version: Opening its Etsy doors in early 2016, this little sewing business was the brain child of Tammy Williamson, during a cold Fort McMurray winter night...

Long version: Click  the "About"  section in the top menu and come get to know us a little bit better!

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