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Sailor Scout Summer


July marks the official release of the HemHouse FULL Sailor Scout Set!

Whether you’re a bride looking to have some incredible bachelorette photos for your album or a pack of Sailor Scouts headed out in cosplay to Comicon, this Sailor Moon Garter Set is absolutely epic. 

Visit the shop to check out the full set, or any of the individual scouts!


Sailor Moon

Sailor Mercury

Sailor Venus

Sailor Mars

Sailor Jupiter

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Neptune

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Pluto

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

January 2018

HemHouse is beginning a new initiative!

This year, our goals are simple. We're working towards providing products that are 100% cruelty free and eco-friendly, all while producing the most minimal of waste possible.

If you have any questions, or you'd like to hear more, contact Tammy at or click the 'Contact' tab.

Thank you for your continued support!

Lessons in Love and Business

PJ Party Epiphany

Ahhh... HOOOME

HemHouse Back Yard - This has been home for Mr. Cinnabun and I for 1 month and 14 days, and home to March for 20 days. Step out onto our back porch and listen to this spring morning... birds singing and my dog stomping around behind me playing with her new doggy door. Heaven.

I Gots Something To Say!



I sang it.

Anyway - yesterday, I announced on social media my new BRIDAL BLISS GARTER LINE. They're pretty. Satin, lace, romantic colours... the whole 9 yards. Check them out at HemHouse and click on the Bridal Bliss tab!

If you're just reading this blog now, you may be thinking to yourself "OH MAN,  how am I only hearing about this now?!"
The answer is, clearly, you did not have me on social media and you missed the ROLL OUT.

But never fear... because you can stalk me here: Facebook, and here: Twitter, and HERE: Instagram.

Facebook is a mish-mash of things I find interesting, plus new stock in my store, while Twitter is purely product advertisement.

INSTAGRAM... now that's where it's at. All the fun HemHouse real life stuff happens there. Behind the scenes stuff. Stuff that I'll post on a whim with no thought of how unprofessional that post may be, or how it may negatively impact my business. I recommend it. Lots of dogs.

SO, check out the Bridal Bliss line and give me your most brutally honest thoughts on the garters. And then, when you ultimately adore them, please tell your friends about those honest thoughts, and perhaps your friends might like a HemHouse Garter.

The 3 P's


It's something all handcrafters have in common. It doesn't matter what the individual does, either. If someone MAKES something, there's always going to be a certain amount of pride that the creater feels toward their work.   How could they not? If you have a vision, and you spend enough time that your creations look good, even professional, absolutely you're going to feel proud! And GOOD! You deserve it. Not everyone finds something in life that they truly enjoy enough to put the hours in and master those skills.

Once you take the plunge into selling, pride is the feeling you get when you sell what you've made. The excitement mixed with a bit of fear that your customers won't like it once they've received it... But really, deep down, you know you did a GREAT job and that customer chose YOU over thousands of others. 

Pet Peeves

You work hard, you love what you do. You're proud and you're happy. 

Then someone comes along and says "you know... you'd probably make more money/have more sales if you do this/make that".

Cue eye twitch. 

I have two really big faults when it comes to my business. The first is (clearly) getting my nose out of joint when a kind bystander feels like giving advice. (Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were actually an expert in marketing, disguised as a mistake!) I try to suck it up and say "thank you", then attempt to patiently explain why I do what I do before my stink face gets noticed (see section on PRIDE).

My second biggest fault lies in the opposite direction of my first fault. I talk DOWN my business. "Huh?" you may ask, but it's true. Although I have enough pride that I can sometimes give my stink face to an innocent suggester, I cannot seem to give my business the credit it deserves! I say things like "oh, yeah, it's just a little home business that I do..." and "I like to sell things on Etsy sometimes, it's nothing really... you know...". I clam up at markets and avoid eye contact. Just so you know, this behaviour is totally out of ordinary for my personality.


My Pride and my Pet Peeves are fun to talk about, but the biggest hurdle so far for HemHouse requires Perserverance.

HemHouse has faced 5 moves, the third of which included starting from scratch after the wildfire.

I sometimes feel like that every step forwards is two steps back. Evidence of this can be explained with our most recent move.

You see, when Tom and I moved to Sioux Lookout, I was on a garter selling bender. It was great. People from all over North America were purchasing garters from my stock, as well as sending in custom requests. It was so thrilling! Then we bought our very first house, which should have been exactly what HemHouse needed to continue the momentum that had built up, but unfortunately, I was stonewalled by insurance...

Apparently in Ontario, a Home Business Owner is simply NOT permitted to sell anywhere other than within Canada. More than half of my sales came from the States, and Etsy features you more frequently when your shop can ship internationally. I've had one sale all month since switching my shop to "Canada Only"... A real big downturn from the 3 orders per week I was averaging prior to the move.

I've been on the hunt for answers, help, ideas, but so far... no luck at all. HENCE PERSEVERANCE. I'll keep trucking. 

If anyone happens upon this blog and has some advice, please feel free to contact me at! :)

Ta-ta for now <3



Hipster, Obvs.

#Yaaaaaas. Instagram Guru

Nothing like a little naughty humour. This is the best perk to owning your own home business... no rules! I especially like the fun you can have on Instagram, because that's where all the crazies are. The crazies love my pervy ads.

Instagram is my Officially Unofficial business page. I try to share some "behind the scenes" footage of the HemHouse life. Mabye it doesn't actaully help me SELL things, but it sure is fun. Check out my Insta if you don't believe me.

I recently did a spur of the moment tutorial on How to Make your Own Light Box that was a total flop, so take it from me - a wildly unsuccessful Instagrammer... the key to gaining interest and momentum, I'm told, is to use all 30 hashtags, make them popularly searched ones, have "great" photos and be active on the site (faving pics, following other people, etc). These are the things that the popular people are saying you need to do. SO even though I have less that 300 followers, my tags are dumb and my pictures are crap, you can be assured that if you were to do these things I mentioned, you'll be a STAR. *nods knowingly*

So, good luck! And while you're becoming InstaFamous, make sure you send me a fav once in a while so I feel like I'm making progress. 



Ps - @HemHouse is me... #HemHouse is some weird mansion that isn't me. Sometimes people don't pay attention, and they try to check into the mansion, and find themselves at a small Canadian sewing page. Lmao

It's Da Baby

Please Welcome The Newest HemHouse Employee

  • Name:
    Miss March
  • Position:
    Pawsitive Reinforcement Agent
  • Experience:
    10 weeks of being a wildly cute shepherd/collie cross
  • Job Description:
    Distraction, foot warmer, break time bell
  • Salary:
    Snoot boops, snugs and smooches


WELL today I was able to check a "to do" of my list and I made a LIGHTBOX. 

To be perfectly honest, my photography skills are non-existant and my product photos on Etsy are pretty dreadful and dark. They really don't do my pretty product any justice!

I took to Instagram and snapped photos of the whole process, often deeming the series of photos #worsttutorialever. It was a little ridiculous, but it kept me entertained for almost two hours! There's nothing like a Saturday morning spent attempting to better yourself whilst keeping your money in your pocket.

Now, I could go ahead and start snapping photos and updating my little shop, but right now the priority to playing with the aforementioned newest employee. I heckin love her little paw beansssss. <3

Lots of love,


Big News

I think it's time...

One year ago, Tom and I moved into a rental house in Fort McMurray. It was a horrible little house, and we loved it. It smelled funny, was falling to pieces, and had more ants than an ant farm. But we loved it.

It had a monstrosity of a garage that could fit Tom's big ol' jeep, and was situated right next to a forest. Theo, Tom and I hiked up that damn neighbouring, treacherous, snow covered  hill so often it became easy! Theo loved to bound behind Tom, leaping from boot print to boot print, looking like a hare.

On this hill, we hiked trails, made trails, fell, had snowball fights, killed offensive snowmen and tormented wildlife. It was way too much fun!

Sadly, although I remember it so vividly, it only lasted about two months, until the stupid wildfire came through and flattened our neighbourhood. Most of you know that Theo was one of the casualties. 

His loss was devastating. We still think about him and his wild ways every single day. But as loss goes, each day, it hurts less and less (with only some days hurting more). The more time that passes, the more we realize that we still have a lot of love in our hearts to give.

We're not replacing Theo, he could (and would) never be replaced. We're just sharing some of the love that should have been all his.

This weekend, Tom and I are going to hop in the car and drive from Sioux Lookout to Winnipeg to attend an Adoption Fair, sponsored by the local shelters, and we're going to try to find someone who wants to come home with us. 

It's a really big step towards moving forward from everything Tom and I have been through in the last year, and I think it's really important to us to keep up the momentum. We have this beautiful house now, and a great big yard, and it would all be so much more perfect with a four legged monster tearing around.

Please give our stubborn, handsome and wonderful Theo a little thought today, and wish us luck finding a critter who needs us as much as we need him (or her).



Bigger News

We did it!

HemHouse V4.0 is now situated on the bottom level of a beautiful house here in Sioux Lookout!

I mean, it's all still in boxes and I don't have a table for my sewing machine to sit on, yet. But it's IN THERE. And it won't be moving for YEARS. From here, I need to make sure I've got my goals in order, you know?

1. Unpack
2. Get a table
3. Wine

That's a good start.
Catch you later!


If you'd like to travel back in time...

Because I offer that service too, you know. Time travel. 

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