About HemHouse

Meet Tammy Williamson

Owner, designer, imagination and seamstress behind HemHouse.

She loves to create. With a passion for all things colourful, and a desire to always keep busy (which actually just keeps her out of trouble), a small business was the next logical step in life.

"I love people, and my wonderful clients really give me something to look forward to each day! Working with HemHouse has been a dream come true; a creative outlet as well as some excitement and innovation. Feel free to reach out and say "hello" by clicking "Contact" in the top menu bar! I'd love to hear from you."

Shout Outs

To my homies:

This section is dedicated to those who helped get HemHouse on its feet. These individuals come highly recommended by us:

Rai designed our adorable business cards, helped with colour coordination, best selling garter design ideas, decked the shop out in stellar custom canvas art and high-quality vinyl prints. 5 stars. She'll always be our go-to girl!

Amanda is a Toronto based marketing genius. She has an uncanny ability to make someone feel smart and successful, even after she's been answering a multitude of stupid questions for an incredibly long period of time (websites can be scary, okay?!). Amanda motivates and empowers, and has the knowledge to make her a marketing force to be reckoned with.


Momma Pegu 

The amigurumi queen. An artist, a crafter, a musician and the best moral support anyone could ask for. She's also Tammy's mother/muse. We'll be featuring PLENTY of her work here, so make sure you watch for it. 

Tom Cinnabun

HemHouse's biggest fan, idea generator, and occasionally mannequin. Also known as Tammy's boyfriend. Tom is always a good sport, yeilding unwavering support. It's simple. HemHouse wouldn't exist without Tom. Quite literally, he gave the shop a name and started the whole thing. 

The long version:

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By Tammy Williamson

Let’s start from the beginning, because I have time and if you’re here, you probably do too!

(If you're going to turn back, do it now - because once I get going...)

My mom taught me how to use a sewing machine when I was 5 years old, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We made a tiny beanbag bear from a boxed pattern and gave it to my Nana for Christmas. Not to brag, but I'm coming up on 30 and Nana still uses that bear as a doorstop! 

In early 2015 after a very difficult time in my life, I was desperately looking for a hobby to get some normalcy back into my days. I realized one night (way too late in the evening to do anything about it) a passion for 50's style skirts and the desire to sew my own. I had just paid an obscene amount for a beautiful Alice in Wonderland poodle skirt on Whyte Ave in Edmonton one week prior. 

So then it began. A good friend sold me her sewing machine for $80 (and donated a wack of fabric and thread) and I was off to the races. I started with skirts for my own wardrobe and was exhilarated to learn I had a bit of a flare for it! After amassing a small collection of skirts for my own closet, I moved onto hair bows and a first sale with my Pixie Bows! Then, looking for more of a challenge, I started to sew garters (still my personal fav). My boyfriend Tom came up with "HemHouse" and I joined Etsy Resolution 2016. It all became official when I drew Henrietta, my logo.

Now, I'm just craving new ideas and sewing any chance I get. I'm happy to say that sewing is EXACTLY what I've needed in my life and it's also keeping me busy and out of trouble. Somehow, in just 6 months, what seemed like an eccentric idea way too close to sunrise has become a huge part of my life and myself. 

Update as of July 2016: As some of you may know, in May, HemHouse was devastated by the Fort McMurray wildfire. We lost our home, two vehicles and everything we hold dear - mostly, our beloved Theo, a 3 year old corgi who was our baby. I find myself searching for a way to start again, and finding solace in sewing. I'm thankful for friends, family and generous strangers with huge hearts for giving us so much help, and ultimately getting HemHouse back on its feet.

Update as of Dec 2016: Tom and I have found a new place to call home in Sioux Lookout, Ontario and I'm back in full swing! Maybe HemHouse will find a place at the Garter Toss on your big day! 

Thank you, and I sincerely appreciate that you took the time to get to know my shop and I a little bit! I always love when my name gets passed along to family and friends so please feel free to refer me if you’ve enjoyed your experience.

If you'd like to hear more about me, or you have any questions, feel free to send me a conversation. I'm an open book! :)


Tammy Williamson